Reputaction Token Korea Tour

Excellent Korean Reputaction Token Tour

Reputaction chose to start presenting its innovative "hardened crypto wallet" solution to the South Korean crypto community because it was known as the most vibrant one worldwide... and it has been confirmed by Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur, President of Reputaction, who has really enjoyed meeting them as you can read below.

Meeting ICON (ICX) to see how Reputaction could be implemented on ICON Blockchain

In a previous video post, we discussed the different blockchain platforms on top of which the Reputaction decentralized application (dApp) could be implemented. ICON seemed to be one of the best candidates so Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur met the ICON team in Seoul on February 9th 2018. Their discussion went very well with different potential collaborations. 

reputaction token icon icx

Meeting the friendly Seoul crypto community

Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur also presented Reputaction at several crypto-currencies Korean fans communities. As you can see on the photos below, the Kangnam Crypto Club meetup had lots of people attending (200+ subscribed) and was very well organized by Jaime also affiliated with SeoulBlockchain.org. Questions were answered regarding how the patent-pending Reputaction "hardened crypto wallet" could achieve anonymous Bitcoins transactions showing how it differs from Lightning networks or Stratis TumbleBit approaches that do not enable offline transactions as Reputaction does and requires some initial setup before transactions such as a bi-directional channel or tumbling the Bitcoins in a Breeze wallet, in this case, requiring paying a 1% transaction fee and holding some BTC as well as some Stratis tokens to qualify as a masternode... The technical level of the questions showed that Korean crypto fans are quite well aware of the technical aspects of the crypto-currencies too. Besides owning a Reputaction-compatible hardened wallet with one Reputaction token burnt per transaction, Reputaction doesn't require bi-directional channel and other complicated setup. The non-anonymous mode of Reputaction enabling higher levels benefits for sellers, buyers and even products, has also been emphasized as an additional advantage of Reputaction over previous approaches.

Crytpo ICO Korea Meetup

Kangnam crypto club meetup

Reputaction Korea Crypto Community

Then, Reputaction was also presented at the Bitcoin Center Korea with fewer people but even more friendly in a very touristic area of Seoul, worth visiting, including the Bitcoin center. Many thanks to John the CEO of the Bitcoin Center, his team and participants for the enjoyable shared crypto moment! At the end of the presentation, a few lucky ones won the Reputaction lucky draw prizes consisting of Swiss gold bars and coins... of chocolate ;-)

Bitcoin Center Korea

Anonymous Bitcoin Offline TransactionReputaction token bonus

Reputaction token prize

Also done in Korea, an international conference related to the Augmented Reality (AR) feature of the companion Reputaction dApp

Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur was also program co-chair of the 9th Augmented Human International Conference that he started in 2010 and was organized this year at Seoul National University. Augmented Human (AH) encompasses Augmented Reality (AR) that is one of the highest building block of the Reputaction decentralized application (dApp) built by Dr. Kevin Fan, Reputaction team member, to be able to recognise a product and show the product reputation and relations with AR certified thanks to the reputation-powered non-anonymous transactions enabled by the Reputaction hardened crypto wallet. We remind that the Reputaction hardened crypto wallet has two main modes: the anonymous mode that guarantees anonymity but forbids building reputation and the non-anonymous mode that enables reputation building and benefits for sellers, buyers, products and companies.

reputaction product augmented reality

reputaction product AR

augmented human international conference 2018 korea seoul